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Anglikang has always adhered to the people-oriented principle, respecting talents, cultivating talents, and combining talents and talents.
Without excellent talents, there will be no outstanding enterprises, and talents are the greatest asset of the company.
Responsibility and competence are the criteria for company selection. Goodness and trust are the criteria for the company to use talent.


Anglikang has always strived to provide employees with a comfortable office and living environment to solve the worries of employees. At Anglicon, we have established a competitive compensation and benefits system in compliance with the law. We understand the importance of employees' physical and mental health. Therefore, we attach great importance to the life of employees, and pay attention to employees' enrichment of employees' lives and improve their quality of life. An Likang is working hard to establish an Ingone-style training system that will help each employee's career development.


Talent Concept

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